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Transform your house or cottage into a wellness retreat. With the Modern Wood Sauna you'll love cold, snowy and rainy days. The days you just can't warm.

The Modern Wood Sauna was designed by Peter Hargraves principal architect at Sputnik Architecture in Winnipeg, Canada. He imagined a modern sauna that almost floats on the snow. The piano windows connect you with the daylight and nature around you.  is an 8-10 person sauna with four person vestibule to load wood, change, and hang-out between sessions.

If you have a large family, perfect. If you love to host friends then this sauna is ideal. Lots of room to lie-down, sit, stand, and stretch.

The sauna is completely self-contained. All you need is to choose the location and you'll be using the sauna the same day. No electrician or panel upgrades needed.

The sauna is a boutique sauna based upon the traditional Finnish approach to saunas.

You will not be disappointed. The design, craftsmanship, value and convenience of this sauna is unparalleled.

We see you and humbly recommend you prioritize your physical and mental health.

Sauna features:
-14' 6" Length x 8' Width
- 4 person vestibule
- 8-10 person sauna
- 2x6 tongue and groove pine
- Clear cedar benches
- Rockwool insulated floor and cantilver bench
- Designed by Sputnik Architecture
- Steel reinforced cantilever
- Custom steel sauna stove

Buyer responsible for shipping and placement...unless...

You want us to take care of it?
Additional services available upon retention, fully transparent flat 13% management fee on materials and labour.
- shipping co-ordination and placement
- AutoCad site drawings
- site preparation
- deck building
- landscaping
- wood delivery and wood storage


Category: wood stove burning

Type: saunas

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