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Absolute quality for your retreat. If you want a smaller, cute but world class sauna, then this is the stove for you.

If you like stacking wood, or you have someone who'll kindly the stack the wood for you, then this is your stove. Check out our how to video(s). We also share our guaranteed fire starting technique. No pressure, but starting a wood sauna stove gives you automatic LEVEL 7 sauna influencer status. level Starting your own fire in a wood sauna stove. Automatic level 6 sauna Influencer status. Don't worry we got this.

The stove is the heart of your sauna, don't cheat yourself.

Give your future self a gift. The benefits of this sauna stove will last generations. Saunas are perfect family and friend time focused on physical and mental health.

The heat from this wood stove will not disappoint. Period. The Finns recommend where it all started: wood stoves. Wood give the best loyly (warmth) its actually not really debatable. Electric is uber convenient but its not wood. If convenience and easy of use is your jam then check out our electric stoves. INSERT LINK

But don't get us wrong we love electric too, but wood is considered the pinnacle of sauna culture. If you can zen out staking wood and love the look of a pile of wood, then you've answered the question for yourself.

Want a smaller sauna? More intimate? A sauna that doesn't take up much space? This is the stove for you.

You'll appreciate the absolute quality craftsmanship. It's airtight so no smoke or wasted heat. Quality welding so it's super safe, super easy to load and clean out.

The Baffled fire chamber with brick.

up to 65 sq ft with insulated walls up to 8' high.


Hand Made in Minnesota, USA.

We love these stoves, 

- Airtight so you won't smell any annoying smoke, the Baffeled Fire Chamber is key, it keeps the warmth in the stove and it's super efficient so you don't need tons of wood. The stove is double walled steel and brick lined. This stove is build to last a loooonnnggg time. 

- Heat where you want it: double walled steel fire chamber and brick lined fire box. They keep the heat in the stones so the heat (loyly) is word class and you avoid all radiant heat.

- Cool coil door handles.

(14W x 18L x 32H) 


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