People have used sauna's around the globe for years because of their incredible health benefits. You will relieve stress, flush body toxins away, increase your blood circulation and decrease cardiovascular issues. Oh and 'The Reset' is real. No matter how low you feel the sauna washes away the negativity and replaces it with a sense of calm and a unique connection with nature.

sauna bring people together. Fire up the sauna and send out out the text 'just fired up the sauna, interested?'. The heat breaks down the imaginary barriers we all put up. Finnish business people do business in the sauna because the sauna builds community.

The yelps of joy of your friends and family jumping in the snow or freezing lake will bring a smile to your face. Pour a freezing bucket of water on your head in -30C?!? Yes! The laughter will ring in your head as your drift off to sweet sleep. The sauna is super fun.

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